Joe Jaconelli, a drummer and life long Status Quo fan,  had for years dreamed of producing a show performing the classic Quo songs of the Frantic Four era from 1970 to 1979.  To most Quo fans this is the definitve line up and one that would be reformed for two reunion tours in 2013 and 2014 before the sad passing of founder member Rick Parfitt.  As luck would have it, Joe met Singer/Guitarist Alex Lowe at a gig and found that they had a love of music and similar tastes that went back to the 70's and their favourite band of that time -  Status Quo.


After that meeting the seeds were set, it was time to make the dream a reality so Frantic Four Quo Tribute was formed.  Scott McEwan came on board as bass guitarist and the band was ready to begin the hard but enjoyable task of recreating the Frantic Four Quo sound began.

Joe Jaconelli

Band Role:
Drums & Vocals

Vintage 70's Premier 5 piece drum kit in black,  same as John Coghlan's.
24"x16"Bass Drum
13", 14" and 16" Tom Toms

Zildijan Cymbals & Hi-Hats

Cowbell(coz you can never have too much cowbell)


Favourite Quo Song:
Forty Five Hundred Times

Favourite Quo Memory:
Seeing them Live at the Glasgow Apollo

Alex Lowe

Band Role:
Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Custom Fender Telecaster (Standard Tuning)
Fender Telecaster (G Tuning)

Fender Telecaster (B Tuning)

Marshall JCM 800 Amplifier
Marshall 1936 Cabinet
Boss Chorus Pedal
Boss Graphic Equaliser
TC Electronics Tuner


Favourite Quo Song:
Roll Over Lay Down

Favourite Quo Memory:
Being in Wembley to see them start Live Aid 1985

Scott McEwan

Band Role:
Bass Guitar

Fender Jazz Bass 
Warwick Bass
Corvette Bass

TC Electronic BH250 Bass Amp Head
TC Electronic RS112 Bass Cabinets
TC Electronic TonePrint Effects


Favourite Quo Song:
t Waste My Time

Favourite Quo Memory:
Frantic Four Reunion Tours 2013 & 2014